The difference between grass jade and Ji Yulu

The difference between grass jade and Ji Yulu

Grass jade dew

Caoyu Lu was originally produced in South Africa. Its head is relatively small, the ability of the group is particularly strong, and it likes brighter light, but it is very sensitive to the direct sunlight. If the sunlight is more, it will become gray. It can be cultivated in a semi -yin environment. There are not many demand for moisture. If it is stagnant for a long time, it will be easily rotten. We can often spray the air in the air to keep the air humidity. Caoyulu prefers loose and soft soil. Its breeding method is generally a method of division.

Ji Yulu

Ji Yulu is a kind of meat plant in Lily family, which is also produced in South Africa. Its meat leaves are taranturized into lotus seat shape. plant. Its head is also relatively small, grows slowly, is suitable for survival in mud with good breathability and soft soil. The demand for light is not large, but similar to the grass jade dew is that if there are too many sunshine, the leaves will become gray, so it is suitable for breeding in a semi -overcast place. Because the leaves of the plants contain more water, the water demand for plants is not very large. Do not water too much to avoid the plant waterlogging. More easy to grow, it is also based on the division as the main reproduction method.

In general, the main difference between Cao Yulu and Ji Yulu is. Ji Yulu has a large scope, obvious windows, and compact plant shapes. Wide.

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