The difference between lavender and sage

the difference

Look at the leaves

Lavender leaves are like pine needles, with hard texture, gray -green or gray.

The leaves of the sage are thin and wide, green, which is not much different from ordinary plants.

Look at the color

Lavender is usually pure purple, a bit like the color of taro ice cream, and occasionally pink and white embellishment.Its flowers are only rice grains.

The color of the sage is blue -purple, and there are pink and white.The color is not as lilac as the lavender.The flowers of the sage are relatively large and open.


The aroma of the sage is more strange, but it is different from the aroma of lavender.

Look at plants

Lavender plants are large. After mature, there are at least half a meter -diameter ball. It is woody below and looks like a broom.

The sage has a variety of postures, but mostly upright, without the shape of a broom.

Look at the environment

The most common in Asia is sage, while in Europe and the United States, the frequency of lavender appears higher

It is worth mentioning that the sage also has medicinal effects, which can relieve the symptoms of headache, insomnia, and dizziness due to menopause.

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