The difference between lotus and lotus

Lotus is lotus

The two are the same plant, now mostly called lotus. In fact, the lotus is the earliest name, just like Zheng Feng’s poem: “The mountain has helped Su Su, and there is a lot of horses.” As long as there is water, the lotus can bloom, in fact, lotus is another name – 菡萏It refers to the lotus flowers, is a flowers that are not bloom.

The reason why the lotus is known as lotus is a certain religious. The lotus is the national flower in India, and India sometimes Buddhist origin, lotus and Buddha contact each other, and local people are mostly called lotus.

The difference between lotus and water lily

Water lily is usually called lotus, then what is the difference between the water lily and lotus?

Water lily is a plant that is similar to the lotus. Watering lotus is aquatic plant in the sleeping lotus, which is more expensive variety, shape and lotus, and the leaves are floating in the water, and there are flowers in the flower.

Lotus is aquatic plant, with the biggest difference between water lily is the leaves and flowers.

Morphology difference


The lotus flower and the leaves are high and the water surface is also known as a leaf, some can be more than 1 meter higher, slim!

Water lily:

Many of the flowers and leaves of the water lily are floating in the water, high and close to the water. There is a significant V-type dish on the blade.

Value difference


Multiple parts can be eaten, such as lotus seeds, lotus, lotus root. Its stems can also be incubated.

Water lily:

The portion of the water lily can be applied relatively small, only flowers can be used, you can make tea or make perfume, the aroma is overflowing!

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