The difference between magnolia flower and magnolia

Differences from plant

1. Yulan is a high tremuary, while Mulan is a bush or a small treasure. It is easy to distinguish from a strain type.

2. Magnolide and petals often do not range, often 9, and there are more than 12-15 garden variants, and the magnolia flower and the petals are obvious, sepals 3, evergreen lanceolate, petals 6, external purple . This is the most obvious difference in flowers.

3. The magnolia is early with magnolia, but there is also different regions in different regions, and cannot be alone.

From the origin of the name

The ancient people have called Magnolia and Mandaland. History can prove:

“Diao”, “Dragonfly, Dao Zilan, the fall of Qiu Ju”, the khiki is in the autumn, and Mulan and Qiujumei will be in autumn, and the magnolia, the magnolia leaves are very similar, not distinguished.

The Qin Dynasty “Changan Zhi” “Afang Palace is the beam of Mulan,” is a magnet is the door “cover the magnolia, and Magnolia gave the leaves tall trees, and the magnolia is shrub or small trees. It can use the beam to refer to the magnolia.

After the Ming Dynasty, Yulan said the magnolia, and Mulano said that Xinyi, Wang Shizhen, Ming Dynasty, “Magnificent”, “Magnolia is early and Xinyi, the Song people are in spring, this is still still here. Try thousands of stars, not leaf When it is in the same time, it can be called Yushu. “Wang Xiangjin” Group Fleet “” Magnolia flower nine petals, color white microbes, fragrance is likeland, the name. It is a flower, all of them, there is no flexible. Long winter knot The bud, March bloom …. branches with wooden pen, body and wood pencil, after the autumn, “here, the wooden pen is Xinyi. Qing “plant famous picture” “Xinyi is a wooden pen flower, Yulan is spring. Yu Jiao Wi-Shu, Spring, Spring, Spring: Wood pen color High, Li Spring has been opened. “” Spring is its name, this place is a good thing to show the orchid. “

Difference from each other

The monument is known as Yushu, Wangchun, White Magnolia, Yingchun, Shooting, Yutangchun, etc.

Magnolia (Xinyi) alias has Lilland, Guilan, Duran, Mulian, Wooden, Yellow Heart, Zi Yulan, Girl Flower, etc.

The name of Mulan is still in modern times. Magnolia and Xinyi, or Mulan, Mulan, or Magnolia. It has distinguished people with a mess. And the two buds can be used in medicine. There are mixed users, and the magnolia is scent and the magnolia is naked, and there is no different drug use.

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