The difference between maple and cricket trees

Leaf shape

The leaves of maple trees grow on the branches in interaction, and the fruits are gathered together like a thorny ball. The maple trees are only three cracks per leaf, and the fruit is the fruit

The leaves of the trees grow symmetrically, and the fruits are relative. The trees grow in places at an altitude of 700 to 2200 meters and like the sun and dryness.


The trunk of the maple tree is dark brown, with many groove cracks on the surface, which is a witch.

The trees are also called Qingfeng. Its trunk is green, the surface is smooth, and it belongs to the family.


The use of maple trees is very wide, and its tree -shaped shape is handsome. Often used to make various buildings and shipbuilding. In addition, this kind of tree is also very common in the roadside or garden, giving humans a beautiful enjoyment.

Because the tree trunk epidermis is relatively smooth, the texture is clear and beautiful. Its main purpose is for people to watch.

Maple leaf

In autumn, the temperature changes are relatively obvious, and the chlorophylls in maple leaves and leaf leaves will also change. There are many leaf redness in the cricket trees, and the leaves have been long for a long time. The effects of our common mountains can appear. The viewing time can be up to two to three weeks. The maple leaves are relatively less than the trees, and the leaves will fall quickly after becoming red. Therefore, the appearance is yellow, and it is difficult to watch it for a long time.

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