The difference between purple beads and purple bead leaves

Different pharmaceutical differences between purple beads and purple beads

Purple bead grass, also known as purple beads or hemostatic grass, is a plant of purple beads in the whip grass family, which is used as a medicine and leaves.Summer and autumn leaves can be collected throughout the year.Purple beads are bitter, astringent, and flat.Purple bead leaves are the dry leaves of Du Honghua, a whip family plant.Summer and autumn are picked and dry.Sex bitterness, astringent, cool.The two are not much different from medicinal effects.

The difference between the shape of the purple beads and the purple bead leaves

The leaves of the purple beads are raw, and the leaves are mostly elliptical or lanceolate.And in the summer and autumn seasons, small purple flowers will be bloomed in the leaf axils of the purple beads, and then a small ball -shaped fruit will be combined. When mature, the color is purple -red.

Purple bead leaves are mostly shrinking, curling, and some of them are broken.The complete purple bead leaves are mostly oval.The petiole is about 0.5-1.5 cm long, the base is wide wedge-shaped or blunt, and the edges have fine serrated, and the proximal part is full.

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