The difference between re -force and canarfish grass

The difference between re -force and canarfish grass

Basic difference

The origin of canarfish and grassland is in North America. It is a plant planted in water. It is often used as aquatic plants for water views. It is Talia, its plant is very high, about two meters, which is even higher than people.

Differences of the shape of the flower

The flower of barracuts is a small blue flower, with about a hundred blue flowers of about one hundred plants, which is very enchanting and beautiful. The flowering period of canarfish is half a year. The flowers of the renewal flowers are also small, which presents purple, and the appearance of the whole plant covers this white powder.

Leaf difference

The leaves of the canarfish are long -hearted shape, and the leaf of the re -force is elliptical.

Growth environment difference

Portrait grass likes to grow in a humid and warm environment. Basically, it is growing on the beside the humid pond or in shallow water. The growth temperature of barracus is most suitable for between 20 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius. The growth of canarfish grows the most. Strong, when the temperature is less than 18 degrees Celsius, the canarfish grass stops growing. No matter how strong flowers like warm and humid environment, they like to grow in a sunny environment, but it is not cold -resistant. Pay attention to maintaining a suitable temperature during the breeding process.

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