The difference between sage and rosemary

The difference between the family species of the sage and rosemary

Although the sage and rosemary belong to the quilt plant and the geminite plant outline, the subdivisions are very different. Dienen belongs to the rosemary of Ju Yagang.

The difference between the sage and rosemary

The sage is shrub -like, relatively short, and the leaves are oval, hairy, gray -green or white -green, and the inflorescence of the wheel umbrella is purple, pink or white. The flowers are irritating, and the flowering period is earlier. Rosemary is high in plant shape, dark gray stems, and young branches. The growth of young branches changes from four -prism -shaped to cylindrical in the process of old branches. Late.

The difference between the origin of the sage and the rosemary

According to the different growth habits of the two plants of the sage and rosemary, the growth areas of the two are also very different. In our country, the sage is generally distributed along the Yangtze River coast and south. Except for the provinces in the plateau and the basin areas, rosemary can be planted in Shandong in addition to most parts of the south. Cultivation.

The difference between the medicinal value of sage and rosemary

As a herbs, the main effects of the sage include heat -clearing and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and swelling and regulating menstruation. It is used to treat jaundice dysentery, sore wounds, damp heat, bruises, etc., which is traditionally used in hospital disinfection. The main medicinal function of rosemary is to calm the mind and treat insomnia head pain and palpitations.

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