The difference between Shakya fruit and Fan Litchi

Shakya fruits and Fan Litchi think that the two fruits are different. In fact, people do not know much about this fruit.Why do we have such a understanding? In fact, most of the time is because of different regions differently, and there are different concepts because they have not seen the real Shakya fruit.

In fact, the scientific name of Saka Guo is Fan Litchi. The flesh is full, sweet and delicious.The plants of Shakya fruit are generally high, the leaves are white, and the arrangement is relatively neat.The leaves at the top are transparent, and the shape of the fruit is relatively round, and occasionally there are other shapes, and the appearance of the appearance is like a small pimple.

Shakya fruit grows in high temperature and humid south, and the temperature requirements are equally harsh, and cannot grow in a cold environment.

Through simple comparison analysis, we can determine that Shakya fruit is Fan Litchi.There are no differences between the two fruits, and it is a very valuable fruit.

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