The difference between soft branch and hard grafting

Soft branch

The soft branch is a rattan bush, the branches are soft, bend, and hang.

The leaves of the soft branch, usually 3-4 measuring, sometimes opposing life or in the upper, and the blade is an ovate or an ovate lanceolate.

The fossil of the soft branch is in the year of 4-20 months, the crown is orange, the corolla is more, 7-11 cm long, 9-11 cm in diameter, there is a red brown pulse, and the lower part of the corolla is a long cylindrical shape. It is 3-4 cm long and has a diameter of about 2-4 mm, and the base is not infiltrated.

Soft branches are poisonous, their bark, leaves, seeds, flowers and liquids are poisoned, which is the strongest in liquid juice. It will cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, high fever, nausea, mouth redness, and dry stem. Skin contact liquids will have a rash.

Hard grain

Hard branches are upright shrubs, and the branches are relatively hard.

The blades of the hard graft yellow cockroach are born, the blades are elliptical or ovate.

The flowers of hard grasses are in May to April, the flowers are small than soft branches, and the shape is like a funnel. The color is much smoldering than soft branches. The center also has a red brown stripe.

The flowers of the hard grasses are about 4-6 cm long, with a diameter of the mouth of about 4 cm, the lower cylindrical shape of the corona, no more than 2 cm long, with a diameter of about 2-4 mm, and the base is expanded.

The hard branch, yellow, and soft branch, toxic, milk is the strongest, diet can cause vomiting, diarrhea, fever, nausea, lip redness, speed jump, interruption of circulatory system and respiratory system.

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