The difference between the tail and the white sandalwood

Morphological characteristics

The stems of the sage must be thinner. The longer the long time, the stronger the hanging to the ground. If it grows in place, it can reach the length of two meters. Most of the young rhizomes are green, and the more mature, the more gray.

There are many white sandalwood branches. When it grows at first, it is upright, and it will only be on the ground in the later period, and the white sandalwood stems have always appeared pale green.


The flowering period of the sage is four to May, and the flowers are generally closed during the daytime open and night, and the color shows charming pink.

There are many flowers with white sandalwood, and the color of the flowers shows gorgeous bright red. It is also open and closed during the day, but the white sandalwood flowers are generally only three to four days.

Ecological habits

The tail of the sage is suitable for the sun with sufficient sunlight, but it is resistant to drought and impermanence, but it is not cold. In winter, it must maintain its living environment above ten degrees Celsius before survive.

White sandalwood is suitable for living in a relatively good ventilation environment. It is resistant to drought and shade but is afraid of high temperature and strong light. It can be given appropriate sunlight, but it is not advisable to expose in the sun.

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