The difference between Wen Xincao and Sanya grass


Three -leaf grass is a plant with straight root. At the root, it can achieve symbiosis with root tumor, and has a strong regeneration ability. There are many branches of clover, which can grow along the branches or a large open space, and constantly germinate new buds. It has three small leaves, and the shape of the leaves is also very romantic. Look carefully, like an inverted heart shape. This plant blooms in summer and autumn. Blossoming will also nodes seeds.

Looking at Wenxincao, unlike the clover, look at its petals, just like water droplets embellished on it. One flower has 5 petals. Although it is not very eye -catching, the opening of the film is still shocking.

Distinguish between habitual

Not only in terms of different shapes, the living habits of the two are also different.

Three -leaf clover can endure the cold environment and does not pick the soil. Therefore, it can be seen in many places. Like warm and sunny places. However, if the environment is too drought, it will also slow its growth rate, and it will die at high temperature. Its strong nature can resist the pollution of harmful gases.

Wen Xincao prefers a humid and humid environment, fast in spring. Different from clover, its requirements for soil are relatively high, and it must be soil fertilizer.

Although it is easy to be confused if Sanye and Wenxincao do not look carefully, it is easy to distinguish with the above knowledge.

Due to the low requirements for land clover, the clover has not high requirements for land, so they can see them everywhere on the roadside. Wen Xincao is relatively rare, and I see a symbol of good luck!

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