The eight taboos of the winter breeding Clivia

Winter breeding gentleman orchid constant temperature

When breeding plants, they are very particular about a temperature difference. Basically, there are no temperature difference plants, and they will not grow well. In winter, in order to keep warm, people often put Clivia in a relatively stable room. In fact, this approach is not good for the growth of Clivia.

In winter, the breeding Clivia should talk about the temperature at about 23 ° C during the day, and keep 13 ° C at night to maintain a certain temperature difference.

Winter breeding gentleman orchid bakery

In winter, because the temperature is relatively low, many people will worry about the growth of Clivia, so they want to keep it warm. People with stoves often place them next to the stove. This is actually very unfavorable to the growth of Clivia, which may cause its leaves to yellow.


Winter breeding gentleman orchid long light

Clivia prefers light. In winter, it requires sufficient light, but does not need to meet long light. Under normal circumstances, maintaining a suitable length of light every day. Do not place it in a bright place for a long time, which will cause it to not bloom.

Winter breeding gentleman orchid chopping arrows

In winter, note that after the Archery of the Clivia, do not let the flower buds touch the sun too early, which will easily lead to the flowering phenomenon of a gentleman orchid in the leaves.


Winter breeding gentleman orchids water too much water

In winter, it is generally not necessary to water the Clivia, because the temperature in winter is actually slowed down and the ventilation is poor. The consumption of water is very slow.

Winter breeding gentleman orchids dry air

In winter, it is very easy to dry out of air, and this phenomenon should be avoided. You can often spray water to keep the air humidity. In addition, you can often wipe the leaves with gauze and so on.


Winter breeding Clivia should avoid fertilizing fertilizer

In winter, there are relatively few fertilizers, but some people think that fertilization can be applied at this time. In fact, this is not the case. Although the temperature is relatively low in winter, it is enough to ferment raw fertilizer.

Winter breeding Clivia should avoid cold

In winter, Clivia should pay attention to anti -freezing, because when temperature below 4 ° C, Clivia may be frostbite. When frozen phenomena, it should be restored slowly.


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