The family has raised these vine plants and saved a lot of decoration money!

Ball orchid

The ball orchid is like a ball when it blooms. The flowers are clustered, which is very delicate. It is generally fixed on the wall with tape, or a traction with an iron rack.

Ball orchid prefers a warm and humid environment, like semi -yin, flowering with furry texture.


Speaking of climbing vines, Ivy vines are indispensable. It is a perennial vine. The branches grow very long. It can be lifted up and raised, the branches are naturally drooping, or the branches are glued to the wall with tape.

Ivy is more overcast, and the demand for light is not high. The environment for breeding is warmer.


The indoor farming plant must be indispensable. It can be said to be very good, and the indoor breeding is particularly bright and fresh.

Green Luo farming is relatively rich, and different shapes have different ornamental. You can try to innovate yourself.

Chiba Schilan

The climbing of the plants of Chiba Schilan is good, the branches and leaves are slender, graceful, and they look very romantic.

Generally, Chiba Schrylansia is suspended and raised, and there are not many traction.

Generally breeding Chiba Schilan, there is not much demand for light.

Jinping Teng

In fact, Jinping Teng is relatively strange. Its ornamental point is not on the leaves, but the roots hanging down from the plants. Its gas root is reddish -brown and has a metal luster. Whenever hundreds of gas roots hang down, it is like hanging an elegant curtain, which is too eye -catching.

Do you need to buy other decorations at home?

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