The five plants are planted at home, and the walls are instantly lit!


Delta plum is a plant with a good ornamental effect. Its flowers are very beautiful. The flowering period of Delta is longer than ordinary flowers and is suitable for planting in the courtyard.


The glory can be entangled and grows, and the entire plant will grow dense. The flowers it blooms are colorful, like a horn. Usually people use it to decorate the fence of the yard or let it grow on the wooden shed, which is a very good wall climbing plant.

Fujimoto Naika

Fujimoto Naika is a kind of foreign climbing plant. Later, it was introduced to the southern region of my country. It usually opens flowers at night, and it can also emit a taste that mosquitoes do not like. The southern region is used to decorate the home courtyard, and sometimes it can be climbed to the window, which is quite suitable for planting as a wall climbing plant.

Wall climbing

Speaking of climbing mountain tigers, we may be most familiar with it. It is a plant with high wall climbing techniques. Every summer, beautiful flowers are blooming, and the flowers are more yellow -green. The wall climbing tiger is a kind of plant that likes to climb the wall. It is usually planted by the wall. It will quickly cover the wall surface. Green is full of your eyes, which is both beautiful and reduced.

Fujimoto Rose

Fujimoto has a high value of viewing and large flowers. It is also a good choice to use it to arrange the courtyard. Generally, this kind of plant is met in the park. Some places are mixed with European -style buildings in some places, which looks unique and elegant.

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