The fleshy blooming, very amazing, but how to raise it?


1. If the fleshy stems have grown, but before the flowers are blooming, the flower stems will wither, which shows that the succulent has insufficient nutrients and cannot support blooming. At this time, it is best to cut off the flower stems directly.

2. The operation of trimming the stems is very simple. At the place where the flower stems are close to the flesh, the remaining part will fall off after cutting off the stems.

3. If there are small leaves on the cut flower stem, you can still insert the leaves.

4. The fleshy flowering period does not require special maintenance. It can be watered normally, but the flesh will be weak for a while after the flowering flowers can supplement it for a thin organic liquid fertilizer.

5. Watson, Guanyinlian, Zi Lianhua and other flesh. They are blooming with life. Most of them will die after flowing.Cut off the flower arrow.

Here are some fleshy succulents that bloom well

Black Prince: Is this like a new branch that comes out?In fact, it is the flower of the black prince.

Beautiful Lotus:

Blowing the snow of the snow:

Ji Hong Xiaosong:

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