The flower language and legend of heron grass

Herbon’s flower language

Mystery, persistence, miss, belief.

The legend of heron grass

According to legend, during the war period in Japanese history, each place was separated from the government. Ji Liang Laikang was the Lord of the Shitian Valley at the time, and naturally ruled the Tokyo area. As a rulers, Jiliang Laikang is naturally indispensable for his wife and concubine, but he is most fond of Chang Panji. Chang Panji is a peerless beauty, with the appearance of the wild geese, so she often monopolizes Jiliang Laikang’s favor. However, women’s jealousy is a terrible thing. The ignored wives and concubines naturally hate Chang Panji.

Later, Chang Pan Ji was pregnant, and the missing servants spread the rumors of Chang Pan Ji’s private men. At first, Jiliang Laikang disagreed, but for a long time, the rumors gradually grew older and bigger in Ji Lai Kang’s heart. In the end, Ji Liang began to leave Chang Pan Ji, and even hit her into the cold palace.

From the pampering of the machine to the bullies of the dog, the experience of Chang Pan Ji gradually made her depressed from heaven to the ground, and finally chose to be innocent. Before suing, she wrote a suicide note to state her innocence and tied the letter to the feet of the egret. I hope that the egret can bring the letter to her father and inform her innocence.

As a result, the egret met Jiliang Laikang, who was hunting, and he hit the egret down with an arrow. Seeing the stationery on the egret’s feet, opening it was a suicide note written by Chang Panji, who was hit by the cold palace. Ji Liang hurried back to the rescue, but only saw Chang Panji and a baby who had been angry for a long time. Ji Liang reacted to his favorite pet and his biological son. He was very sad …

In the second year, the place where the egret died, a white flower that people had never seen before, because the shape of the blooming egret was extremely popular, and was named Hercuscus by people. Egret.

Later, this flower was passed on to our country, and some people called it as egret flower.

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