The flowers of others are so strong, all flowers, it is difficult to find leaves!


Basin method:

1. Topping, after 3 to 4 pairs of true leaves grows in the dwarf, remove the top 1 ~ 2 pairs of blades. After waiting for a new one, you can get topping again, so 2 to 3 times. 2. Fertilizer, short -term release fertilizer can be added to the bottom of the flower pot when you sow. After waiting for more than 4 tablets, you can apply thin fertilizer, once every half a month, very thin organic fertilizer, such as bean cake water, homemade flower fertilizer, etc.

Danish wind chimes

How to explode the pot: 1. It is best to take full day. If you can’t take all the day, try to let it take the sun more every day. The flowers are placed directly on the South Balcony ~ 2. Watering And it is not resistant to high temperature, so when you are in high temperature in summer, pay attention to cooling, it is best to turn on the air conditioner!

Rainbow chrysanthemum

The method of explosion pots: 1. The light is very strong, so it is best to expose the full sunlight. If you cannot expose it, you must also put it on the South balcony. Only when the sunlight is strong, it will bloom. 2. Watering must be wet and wet, and water cannot be accumulated. Once water is accumulated, it is a dead. 3. The soil can use the combination of nutritional soil+river sand, which can increase drainability.


Method of explosion pots: 1. Topping, when the seedlings grow to about 10cm, just put the top buds directly. After the new buds grow out, then scoop, so 2 to 3 times, you can explode the pot! 2. Accept adequate light to bloom more and gorgeous, and turn the basin once every 1 week to avoid long aside.

Beauty cherry

Method of explosion pots: 1. Fertilizer should be appropriate. Beauty cherry blossoms are easy to explode, but you have to give it sufficient nutrition, so you can just have thin liquid fertilizer once a month. 2. Watering should be appropriate. The root system of the beauty cherry blossoms is very shallow. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the soil surface slightly moist, and water cannot be accumulated. Pour water once 3 to 4 days. 3. Keep sufficient light, but shade at noon in summer ~

Six times

How to explode the basin: 1. Topping: When the seedlings grow to 4-5 cm, make the first topping. After the new branches are growing, the second topping is made. If you want to grow more lush, you can For the third topic ~ 2. It takes a long time of light to bloom every day, so it is necessary to expose it, or put it on a very good South balcony. 3. Timely fertilization, and once a thin bean cake fertilizer once in half a month, add nutrition for six times the flowering!

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