The harm of milk pouring flowers

What is the harm of milk pouring flowers


Milk watering roots are really a big harm. Because milk contains a large amount of protein components, this cannot be directly absorbed by flowers and needs to be fermented. If it is not fermented, it is used to pour the flowers, and the consequences of milk will be fermented in the flowerpot.


Watering flowers with milk for a long time will actually cause a consequence is the end of the soil.

Watering flowers with milk for a long time will form a layer of white membrane on the surface of the soil. It will affect the air exchange of the soil, so that the root system cannot get nutrients and suffocate. The second is that it will affect the infiltration of water, watering is not transparent, the lower layer is too dry, and the surface is humid.


Pour flowers with milk, because milk will ferment. During this fermentation process, everyone will find that it will emit some odor. It is very unpleasant, and it is easy to cause soil mold and attract some small bugs.

How should milk water pour flowers

In fact, milk watering flowers is a good thing, but you need to process it in advance. Specifically, you need to ferment in advance and dilute it. There is also a long -term watering of milk, which will affect the nature of the soil.

Fermenting milk in advance, many substances can be transformed into plants that can be absorbed, and do not need to worry about fevering and burning roots when pouring flowers, and the smell produced.

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