The home is full of such plants, and the green intentions are continuous all year round!

Wealth tree

The fortune tree is warm and wet, the leaves are green, and the shape of the plant is beautiful and healthy. It is a super popular leaf watching plant, and the meaning of the fortune tree is very good. Bar!


Green Luo is also one of the evergreen plants that we know. The whole body is green, the leaves are shiny, and it looks very happy. The green spoil is happy, and there are many benefits to planting at home. Essence

Spidering orchid

The whole plant can be used as medicine. It is an annual evergreen plant. In addition to medicinal value, the ability to purify the air is also very strong. There are many types of spidering orchids and different forms. Green plants are loved by flower friends.


Xiaobian really likes Ivy vines. It is hung up and breeding. It is very beautiful. Ivy likes to be cool and often used as vertical greening. Changchun vine represents friendship and represents never separation. Is it beautiful?


Wenzhu is warm and wet, and at the same time, there is a growth environment that prefers semi -yin. It is a green plant with good ornamental. Putting it in the study and other places in the home, it does not only add angry, but also effectively purify the surrounding air, so it is loved by many people.

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