The leaves that grow into a heart -shaped shape are much better than the green loluchrine.

Heart leaf orchid

Heart -shaped hanging orchids, thick leaves, large, fleshy heart shape. Can climb the vine or hang up. When you see it for the first time, you can fall in love, always thinking about Green Luo climbing the house, but you think that the heart -shaped leaves are covered with the house. Is it full of love of the house? The warmth is strong!

Maintenance method

The heart leaf ball likes to warm the environment. From April to October, it was kept in the place where the sun was not shown in direct sunlight.

The leaves of the heart leaf ball have a fleshy texture and have a certain storage of moisture, so do not water too much, avoid the leaves and roots rot! You can spray water frequently to ensure sufficient air humidity, so as to ensure full leaves and achieve the purpose of cleaning the blades.

Heart leaf ball orchid can use cuttings. In the spring and autumn seasons, you can cut about 10 cm of stems and leaves, insert it in a humid soil, control the temperature at 20-25 ° C, and you can take root soon!

Millions of heart

The second plant introduced to everyone is millions of hearts. The leaves are small, but each of them is heart -shaped!

Millions of hearts, heart -shaped leaves are born on long branches, and small white flowers can be bloomed in autumn. It is very suitable for hanging by the window, blew the breeze, and millions of carefulness floats in the wind. If the indoor temperature can be stabilized at 15 ° C, it can be evergreen four seasons!

Maintenance method

Millions of hearts like a moist and semi-shade environment. The most suitable growth temperature is 20-30 ° C, the temperature is lower than 10 ° C, the growth rate is slow, and there will be risk of frostbite!

Millions of hearts are more resistant to drought, which may be the commonality of most meat plants! So do not water it or water. See the surface of the soil white and then water it.

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