The legend of Luo Shenhua


He Bo and Rober have conducted a beautiful woman for a few years, and this beautiful woman is 宓 宓.宓 宓 is the daughter of Fuxi, she is married to Lobo as a wife, also known as Luo. This beautiful princess has brought hope, can be married to Fuxi, and also brought very glory to Lob. All of this, makes Hebol are incomparable.

In fact, these two adjacent tribes are not harmonious, they have left the world’s hatred because of the war. He Bo decided to launch a war and put the beautiful 宓 宓 as yours. Robo is also actively preparing for unavoidable wars. Before the war, Robo drew the war, there is a vicious spell. The diviner named Kunwu, his divination is said to be very good, Kunwen told Lobo, the war is not happy. I happened that He Bo also invited Kunwu to his tribe, asking him to accomplish the end of the war.

Kunwu took out the turtle shell and herbs, and used the traditional way, and the burning turtle shell showed a big trillion, and the grass of the grass came from the ominous. Kunwen told He Bo, you will do everything that doesn’t have a winner. However, He Bo is determined that his legion began to enter the camp with Luo. Lobke must fight, he has no choice. He Bo’s army quickly attacking a lot of fortress, the camp, the Lobo Festival defeated, and finally, Robo and his family were forced to the river.

He Bo sent his own messenger, down to Lobo: Either donated, or the whole is overwrite. Rober told the messee, I would rather all war, and I will never make my love. But the fire is persuaded to violent Robo, please let the gorge of the River, ask him to meet the gorgeous flowers. He Bo heard the news that the messenger brought, the big happiness, kids the flower boat under the guards of the guard, greeted the gods, and slammed into the flowers of Hebury in the cries of the family. Yan Yu smiled and jumped into the roll of the river. The news of the princess is passed to Fuxi, Fuxi is anger, and sent troops to the river.宓 宓 宓 义 水 水 义 水 化 化 化 为 化 化 为 为 化 为 为 为 为 为 为 化 化 化 化 化 化Later, on the shore of the Luo River, many red flowers were opened.


Luo Shenhua is brought into tears of Luo Shen, which is a red color of flowers. When it is open, the color of the blood, the color of the blood, browsing the river, reddish blue sky. The slender, colorful colorful petals, as if a bush hunting burning flame, straight to the 90,000 yuan blue sky. Little, slightly narrow flower buds, as if there is a drop of tears in the eyes, the mighty and thorough, straight into the hearts of the viewer. The fascinating and sorrowful coexistence, stubborn and graceful lining, in the ink flower branch, some Yin Hong fruit seems to be the most painful blood of the beauty of the beauty.

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