The legend of Mandala


In the legend of the West, Mandali has been given a horrible color. Because the roots of the Mandaro plate, the Westerners in the medieval, the Westerners gathered to look at the strange mandalao, when Mandalo was digging, and heard screams People are not dead.

According to legend, in the ancient Spain, Mandalo is a indifferent waiter, which is often near the criminal area, and numbly prayers every soul of life.

This flower is full of poisons. It is said that only one person can have a chance to see the flowers, so, if you meet the flowers, her favorite will die.

Black mandala is the best in the flower, there is a wizard in the legendary every black mandara flower, it can help you achieve the wish, but there is a critical condition, that is, human blood.

As long as you use your own blood to waters the enchanting black mandala, when it blooms, the elf in the flower will meet your wishes. You can only use your blood, because the elves like this enthusiastic and fatal feel. The roots of Mandala have anesthesia and psychedelic effect. In addition, it is also a tool that protects the family, and can also bring courage to wear people. In addition, women who want to have children or sexual unobstructed men are said to have a personal mana, and wish to make things happen during the full moon.


There is a legend: the desert is the punishment of God because of the desire of human beings. All life in the desert is only relying on the water god of the Indifference. Until the Water God loved the woman who took a leader to find the water source, God was angry, to destroy the soul of the water god, the desert god Mado ran back to him with him, ask God for forgiveness, God is feeling for her, only Extend the heaven from the heavens, since then, there is no water in the desert, and Mandaro has become a cursed flower. Very poisoned.

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