The main preventive measures for common diseases of flowers

The main preventive measures for common diseases of flowers

The main preventive measures for flower diseases are the following.

Selection of disease -resistant varieties

In various choices, to screen the varieties of disease resistance, antiviral varieties, and antibodies itself, can play a certain protective role. Choosing such a strong and healthy variety will allow your next planting and flowers to flowers and flowers. The burden of maintenance is reduced.

Strengthen management

Plants, like humans, have life and need nutrition. Therefore, in the process of flower maintenance, pay attention to management from time to time, such as reasonable watering, fertilization, regular weeding, pruning and leaves, clearing the living habits of planting flowers, paying attention to planting The environment, whether the light environment is consistent with the variety of flowers.

Strengthen soil disinfection treatment

Many people often ignore this in the process of raising flowers, but in fact, disinfection of the soil is very important, especially for the famous flowers, which is even more important. These seemingly simple steps can make flowers grow better.

Perform drug control in time and appropriately

Commonly used protective agents are: Bacteria, Daisen Zinc, Bordeaux, etc. These potions can be sprayed before the flowers occur, which can play a prevention role. During flower disease, commonly used potions are: methyltotobadin, Dacinin, methards, and bacterial spirit.

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