The main variants of the river flowers


Her stems will have some soft hair. The petals are white, and there is a layer of white pour in the inside. The flowering period of the metamorphic variants of the cripples is in April each year. It grows around 850 meters above sea level, mainly distributed in Taiwan.

Flame wide leaf variants

The leaves of the wide -leaf variants of the river are oval or they are all long ovation. The leaves at the top of the top are relatively sharp and the bottom leaves are more dull, and they are jagged. The flowering period is mainly produced in April of each year. area.


The blades of the narrow -leaf variant of the river are overwhelmed, and there are spoon -shaped inverted lanceoles. The length is between 6 cm and 10 cm. The width is between 2 cm and 3 cm. The end gradually becomes narrow and long, with a layer of sawtooth. The flowering period of the narrow leaf variants is different from the flowering period of the above variants. Its flowering period is in January of each year, and it is also produced in Taiwan.

Little Leaf Red Leafkin

The small leaf red leafterin is a superior product, which is mainly widely used in color block seedlings, hedges, big balls and other shapes. The red leaf period of small leaf red leaves. The adaptation ability is very strong, the soil resistance is barren, salt -tolerant, drought -resistant, cold and heat and heat.

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