The main variety of African 种

African Classification

African 长 is divided into the shape of a lotus seat according to the growth form.


Lotus -type African Africa’s main stem is single and shorter, and the growth pitch is very short. The leaves grow from the center growth point with spiral -like growth and stack layers. Depending on the size of the plant, it can be divided into huge, standard type, semi -mini type, mini -type, super mini type.


The main stems of the hanging type of Africa are longer than the lotus seat, the growth pitch is long, and the petiole is longer. The blades grow around the growth point, continuously growing horizontally and extending downward, forming a hanging appearance.

Common varieties in Africa

Common varieties of African 种 include large flowers, single petals, semi -petals, heavy petals, spots, etc. The color of the color is purple, white, blue, pink and two -color.

Big flowers Bo Kon, the flowers are pale purple.

Prince Snow Snow, white flowers.

Half -heavy -petal hanging clock red, flowers purple red.

Severe Corinner, white flowers.

The blue child in the snow, the flowers are pale purple, and the leaves have white stripes.

Observation of the leaves showed the queen, the flowers were blue, the edges were wrinkled, and the leaf surface had yellow and white spots.

The shameful bride, pollen pink.

African 赏 赏 非 非 非 非 非

African 赏 is also an ornamental species with white flowers Africa and Dahua Africa.

White Flower Africa 堇

Dahua Africa 堇

Common cultivation varieties of African 栽





African variant

African violet variants include large flowers, white flowers, and spots.

Big flowers: big flowers.

White flowers: flowers pure white.

Spots: Yellow and white spots on the edge of the leaf.

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