The main variety of Guanyinlian

Stone lotus

Stone lotus is also called lotus palm, stone lotus palm, gem flowers, etc.; Its flowering period is July to October; native to Mexico; its ability to adapt to the environment is very strong; In addition to the high ornamental value, it also has certain medicinal value in addition to its high ornamental value; the most common method of breeding is cutting.

Red roll silk

Red roll silk is also called purple peony, spider web long raw grass, big red roll silk, etc.; It will turn from the tip of the leaves to 2/3 under the sun. In summer, the flowers are pale pink; the place of origin is in a high mountainous land in some European countries; its ornamental value is also very high, and it is suitable for placing anywhere.

Beautiful lotus

Beauty Lilian is also called Belus; when it comes to it, it has to mention its flowers, which is very delicate and dazzling. The color is dark pink and consists of 5 petals. It is more ornamental when blooming. They are the most eye -catching landscapes; native to Mexico; the most common way of breeding is a division method.

Zi Nianhua

Zi Jianhua is also known as Zi Lianhua and is produced in Japan. This succulent plant has a characteristic and will die after flowering. Therefore, if the meat friends find signs of flowering, they should take off the buds in time.


The mirror is also called Pantian lotus palm. The edge of the entire plant’s leaves has a layer of white hair, which can grow to 50 cm wide, which is very spectacular.

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