The maintenance method and precautions of the cyanoplasty

Selected soil selection

Actua is a kind of Lanke plant. It is the same as other plants in Lanke. Therefore, you need to choose a sand soil with good acidity and micro -acidic iron. Essence

The moisture supply of the sedium

The cymbals need to be more water during the strong growth period. In summer and winter, pay special attention to the control of water. Once the water is lacking, it will grow poorly. Watering of the cymbals should be watered in the principle of “drying, wetting, and proper drying”. Too much watering can easily cause the root of the root of the root. Watering is generally in the early morning or evening, and should not be watered at noon, because the water temperature rises rapidly after watering at noon, and it is easy to burn the plant. Pay attention to water control in winter, because the plant metabolism is weak and less water is required under the low temperature, which requires less water to prevent the root soil from frozen injuries.

Fertilization measures for obscene

The fertilizer of the cymbals can be used for fertilizing the farmhouse fertilizer for pouring 10 times. Try to pour as much as possible along the pot. Do not touch the roots, do not stick to the leaves to avoid burns. When applying chemical fertilizers, pay attention to the proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and must control the concentration strictly. Spraying of leaf surface fertilizer can absorb the nutrition of the plants through the leaves, and avoid directly contacting the root of the fertilizer to cause fertilizer. It is the best way to fertilize. During the strong growth period, the leaf fertilizer spray was performed once in about 10 days. You can raise the grass without fertilizing the pot. Pay attention to the application of diligence and eat less.

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