The maintenance method of gooseberry and the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests

Method of gooseberry

Gooseberry soil selection

Gooseberry likes neutral to slightly acidic soil, loose and fertile soil, and increases humus in an appropriate amount. Thick soil layer can promote the growth of gooseberry. It is best to choose a flat and light garden planting. Slow -sloping land with a slope of not exceeding 10 degrees is also a good place for planting.

Gooseberry Water Fertilizer Management

The basal fertilizer of gooseberry should be mainly farm fertilizer. When transplanted in spring and autumn, dig ditch on both sides of the plant bushes or two bushes, buried farmhouse fertilizer in, and watered it after covering the soil. The second time, urea and ammonium nitrate during the budding period ensure the growth of plants. After the flowers are promoted for a long time with the fruit of the fruit for a long time, the fertilizer can also be applied in the bushes and then irrigated.

Snams of gooseberry

Gooseberry strains are more vigorous. New branches will be emitted at the rhizomes in spring. In order to ensure the growth of new branches, it is necessary to trim the old branches to ensure the nutritional supply of new branches. The old branches are generally trimmed to 4 to 5 buds. After a few years, there will be more branches on the gooseberry ground, which will improve the strong rate. Of course, the more new branches, the better. Find a critical value to ensure the best rate and fruit quality.

Gooseberry diseases and insect pest control

Goose Berry

Gooseberry is mainly infected with white powder. There is a white mold layer on the leaves of the disease. Touching it with a hand will have white powder drifting. Therefore, it is necessary to be reasonable during planting to increase ventilation and light transmission.

Gooseberry Wing Moth

The penetrating moths are damaged by the leaves of the berry and leaves. Once the flowers are fallen, the dead branches are cut to destroy, and then sprayed 3000 times the mala -sulfurized fluid to prevent and control it.

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