The maintenance method of green ground coral fern


Choose a loose peat soil, penetrate the perlite and vermiculite to keep the pot soil moist, usually watering once every 2-3 days. When watering, pay attention to gently pouring the water along the flower pot and pouring through it to avoid excessive strength to damage the surface soil structure and affect the growth of the root system. It is advisable to keep the pot soil wet in winter.


It is more appropriate to choose liquid fertilizers, but pay attention to the concentration halved. Fertilizes every two weeks of the growth period, and the fertilizer is applied.


The suitable growth temperature is 18-28 ° C, the fastest growth of about 25 ° C, and remained above 10 ° C in winter, and cannot be lower than 5 ° C. Otherwise, it is easy to cause frost damage.


The ferns like a warm and humid environment, which can increase the humidity of the air appropriately. It can spray it on the potted plants. Note that there must be no stagnant water on the leaves. Some flower friends report that there is a stagnant water on the page to rot the leaves of the plant.


Fern likes a warm and humid semi -yin environment, and can be placed in areas with astigmatism, such as coffee tables, desktops and window sills. Avoid strong light exposure, and after receiving light, the leaf color is more green. But in the summer, the low air humidity and high temperature are the main causes of the death of green coral fern in summer.

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