The maintenance taboo of the spring pot flowers

Prevent too much temperature difference

As the so -called spring cold, in the spring, the temperature is not stable, the temperature difference is large, and the largest nemesis of the flowers is spring cold. Therefore, in the spring, some chills must be out of the room in a timely manner, and usually pay more attention to the changes in temperature to avoid the flowers from being cold. After moving out of the outdoors, the flowers should be placed in a backwind and good light. It is found that the temperature must be moved to the room in time.

Moderate watering

Spring is a good time for the recovery of all things, but the climate in the spring is dry and windy, so you should pay attention to watering the plant. Watering in spring should follow an appropriate amount. Too much watering will lead to excessive growth of branches and leaves, which will affect the quality of flowering. In addition, the pot soil is too moist, which is likely to cause oxygen lack in the soil and cause rotten roots. Therefore, watering in spring must be appropriate.

Don’t over -fertilize

Pot flowers have just spent the cold winter, and they are often relatively weak at this time. At this time, they should be fertilized for flowers, but the amount of fertilization should have a reasonable control. The amount of fertilization should be from less to large. In addition, after fertilization, you should also pay attention to the management of watering and soil quality. Do not apply heavy fertilizer to damage the root system of the plant.

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