The method of breeding of flowers and cuckoo

Cuttings of flowers and cuckoo

The most widely used method for the cuckoo cuckoo is cutting and breeding. It can cut a strong, semi -wood -quality new branch of five to eight centimeters in May and June, cut off a part of the lower leaves and keep two to three leaves.The base of the cuttings can be dipped in raw roots and other pinks. After handling, insert a good and fertile acidic soil after processing.Keep the growth temperature of about 20-25 degrees. Pay attention to shading and often spray water and moisturize to promote the germination of the cuttings.

The tender branches of the cuckooing cuckoo reproduce

When using the tender branches to reproduce, first select the three to four centimeters of tender branches as scion, and cut the base into a wedge -shaped with a knife.You can choose a cuckoo as grafting rootstock. After splitting the tender branches, put it under the cool shed, bundle it with a film, and then cover the rootstock and scion with plastic bags to make a moisturizing role.

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