The method of potted yellow skin, teach you to plant it at home!

Selection and ingredients

There are many categories of yellow -skinned fruit trees. Among them, the most suitable and most people choose potted plants to grow. Before planting potted plants, prepare the necessary raw materials such as pots, soil, and base fertilizer.

Ecological habit


The most suitable temperature for yellow -skinned pot planting in the annual average temperature is maintained in areas with more than 20 degrees Celsius. The yellow skin cannot survive below the zero temperature. The ability to resist cold is very poor. Flowers must pay attention to the temperature.


The yellow skin is always green for a year, and the wet is warm and warm, so there is a need for sufficient supply of water and moist growth. The southern region with a large rainfall and uniform distribution is particularly suitable for the survival and growth of yellow skin. Causes the adverse effects of yellow skin growth.


The yellow peel is warm to the sun, and sufficient light can increase the yellow leather and leaves for photosynthesis. The continuous sources of nutrients draw on the branches and leaves and rhizomes through the care, which is conducive to the fruit more fat and sweet. Once the light is insufficient, it will affect the growth of the entire yellow -skinned potted plant.


The cultivation of yellow skin bonsai is not demanding on the soil. Generally, the sandy loam soil with better rural soil and drainage can be cultivated. Ensure that the nutrients in the soil are not too barren.

Planting Techniques


The best time for planting is generally in the spring of each year, the best in March, because the amount of rainfall at this time is more and the climate is warm, which can be more conducive to the survival of the plant.


Make a timely supply of water during the seedling period, the soil is loosening in time, and clean the weeds.

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