The neighbors raised flowers with a colander tire, and the villagers lined up to see!

Fleshy ring

1. Prepare an ordinary grid -shaped colander.

2. Cut a small hole in the center.

3. Use fine iron wire to wrap around the small hole.

4. Fix the iron wire around the small hole and fix it on the small iron wire.

5. Fix it with fine iron to avoid dispersing.

6. In the end, it is probably like this.

7. Then you can fill the soil inside and grow fleshy.

8. The beautiful polynut ring is made.

Flowerpot combination

1. Put the root sticks in the water -transmitting hole of the flower pot and skeng in the flower pot.

2. Fill in the soil planting flowers. In this way, just water the flower pot on the top of the top. The water will flow out of the water -transmitting hole on the bottom of the flower pot, and pour a string of flower pots.

3. Of course, there is another way to pant the pot, which is also very beautiful. Put the flower pot in the way in the figure below, and the roots must be inserted in the middle.

4. After the flowers and plants grow up, it looks like below, it’s beautiful!

Flowing bonsai

1. The small plates on the bottom of the flower pot are also like a water -permeable hole like the bottom of the flower pot.

2. Put the flower pots inverted in the large disc and put it on the pipeline of water. In this way, when the flowers are planted, the soil in the flower pot can be absorbed in the water in the water below.

3. Put the other flower pots and flower pots according to the following ways and stick it with glue.

4. Planting flowers and plants, putting stones, and after watering, the beautiful flowing bonsai is ready.

Big flower ball

1. Use fine iron wire to make iron nets.

2. Cover the black cloth in the wire mesh.

3. Fix the wire mesh in the flowerpot, and fill the soil in the flower pot and the wire mesh.

4. Then use a knife to draw a few small holes on the black cloth and plant flowers and plants.

5. When the flowers grow up, it is a stunning big flower ball!

Tire pot

1. Cut the tire according to the wavy pattern.

2. Do not throw the cut parts. Both parts will be used in the end.

3. Put the pattern part flat and open out.

4. Stick the cut base to the other side of the tire, and a primary tire pot is made.

5. Apply the pattern with pigments, and it is beautiful.

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