The planting method of blue bell flowers


After we receive the blue bell flower ball, the first thing we need to do is to disinfect. The specific method is to soak the fungal spirit 1000 times liquid for about 30 minutes.If your blue bell flower ball has mold during the storage process, it is best to take it to the sun, and then soak it with a multi -bacterial spirit 1000 times liquid.


Choose a flower pot with a suitable size and put it in the soil. It is best to choose a slightly acidic soil with fertile soil and good breathability. The flower spacing should be appropriate.For potted flower pots with a diameter of about 15 cm, you can plant 3 to 5 goals, and the thickness of the soil can be doubled.

Water and fertilizer

When the blue bell flowers are just planted, it is best to see dry and wet. At first, it can be poured through. In the later period, the amount of watering must be controlled.When the temperature is low in winter, you can water without watering.In terms of fertilizer, the blue bell flower leaves can apply fertilizer once without using fertilizer to bloom in about ten days before flowering, and it is not possible.

It should be noted that the blue bell flowers are overcast, so it is best to put it in a place with mottled sunlight. If not, the sun can also grow normally.

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