The prevention and control method of leaf blight after autumn

The prevention and control method of leaf blight after autumn


After entering the autumn, if there is a disease page that appears, you must deal with the leaves of the plants in time, and it is best to destroy it to avoid the source of infection.

Cultivation management

To do a good job of strengthening cultivation management, it is best not to use nitrogen fertilizer to achieve a balanced use of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers.In terms of watering, we should pay attention to avoiding the water accumulation of soil. It is recommended that the soil is best to water and then water it.Keep air circulation, do a good job of indoor ventilation, and enhance the resistance of plants.

Drug prevention

In the high temperature and humid environment after autumn, regular spraying to prevent the occurrence of diseases. It can use 75%of wettable powder 500 to 800 times the best effect.The spray time is once a week, spraying two to three times one after another.If the disease has already occurred, at this time, 200 to 300 times liquid with 25%of the fungal wettable powder, the time is used once every 7 to 10 angels, and it can be stopped until the condition is relieved.

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