The role of money wood feng shui

Feng Shui of Money:

The leaves of money wood are full and thick. Although it does not seem to be a feng shui effect of a variety of jade dew and the sun Moon Lake, it can play a role in controlling random bumper money.

Placement of money wood:

In the indoor layout of Feng Shui, if the kitchen is located south, it will be illuminated by the red sun in the morning. If this is based on Feng Shui, it will be easy to give people a tendency to bleak money. If a pot of money is placed in the kitchen Wood can reduce the desire to enlarge money, and it is also conducive to money savings.

Precautions for placement:

To avoid the light of strong light, especially the excessive sunshine at noon will cause money to be damaged, so when placing, avoid the sun around the noon. When breeding in the north, if it is winter, it is necessary to humidify the environment appropriately.

Introduction to Feng Shui:

Speaking of the word Feng Shui, I am afraid that no one knows it. Feng Shui specifically refers to the natural terrain and layout of the houses in the house, the cemetery, etc., such as the natural direction of the landscape and the ground veins. Nowadays, people pay more attention to Feng Shui. Whether it is daily or the placement of objects, it must be determined according to feng shui, and the plants that bring the effect of feng shui naturally have also become the objects of people’s research and use.

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