The seven corners of the family correspond to the flowers!Are you placed?

Living room to normalize the photo of the Chunya: Vacuum smoking

The living room is nime vacuum smoking fog. Ivil can not only deal with bacteria, small bugs, etc., but also absorb fumes, to resist carcinogens in nicotine.

Bedroom raising caucaid: providing oxygen

The bedroom is more suitable for placing flowers that can be washed with carbon dioxide. For example, the flesh of the fleshy is closed during the daytime, open at night, can make oxygen, increase the negative ion concentration in indoor air.

Kitchen 放 吊兰: Purify the air

The kitchen is where the cigarette is produced, and the hanging blue can absorb a variety of hazardous gases in indoor, especially the ability to absorb formaldehyde, and can reduce bacteria and microorganisms in the air.

Mint on the desk: refreshing

Flowers such as mint and jasmine have the effect of refreshing, and is best suited to the table in the study, which can improve the efficiency of learning and work.

Toilet, take the tail, moisture

Toilet, there are some small, negative, sterilized plants, such as tiger tail, mosquito repellent, ferns. In particular, the leaves of Tiger Tail are absorbed in the air, and it is ideal for the bathroom.

Balcony Tiger: Reduce Sunshine Radiation

The balcony light is sufficient, and many of the viewing plants of Xiyang can be released, such as chrysanthemum, mountain tea, azodendron, and so on. In addition, in the balcony planting climbing tiger, wisteria and other climbing plants, letting it form green shed, which can reduce sun radiation and reduce indoor temperature.

Miseasted Pan to make a fortune tree: keep the humidity

The porch is best placed in some high stem plants, such as water and valuable bamboo, making a fortune tree, money, etc., which is beneficial to keep the room’s humidity balance, and the nice name can also give people a pleasant feeling.

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