The strongest raising flower magic skills, the old flower farmers are inferior after watching it

Creative bird cage

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Sure enough, it is the most creative method that Huahua has seen recently! The problem of solving the problem of breeding vine plants cannot be built! By the way, Huahua also dissected the production method of this device! Production Method:

1. Prepare tools: wire, iron rod, coarse wire, fine iron wire, pliers.

2. Use pliers to cut two iron wires of the same length.

3. Try to make the wire as a circle as much as possible, and the two iron wires must be rounded.

4. Put the iron rod into the soil. 5. Put a circle wrapped with iron wires in the bottom, and one with fine iron wires on the top. You can refer to the figure below. You can use the wire to fix the middle red part at the top of the iron rod. 6. Just wrap it with a thin line ~

Creative flower stand

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Just say that you can’t accept this pyramid -shaped device? Anyway, Huahua is convinced. Although the house is not small, the small Huahua has begun to consider! Friendship is attached to the production method ~ production method:

1. Preparation tools: nails, wooden boards, sawing.

2. First order a square base.

3. Prepare four of the same long wooden boards and a relatively thick wooden stick. Put the thicker wooden stick in the middle of the base, and then on the four corners and wooden sticks.

4. Then prepare a relatively short wooden board according to the proportion, according to the proportion between two wooden boards,

5. According to the figure below, you can nail the wooden boards one by one.

6. Fill in the soil and make great achievements! PS: If there are still the remaining wooden boards, you can actually make new DIY. In fact, you can also make it in the picture below ~ The specific method can be seen in the figure below ~

Creative PVC tube

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Production method 1: 1. Prepare materials: PVC tube, electric diamond, sawing.

2. Several round holes are separated from the PVC pipe.

3. Stand the PVC in the flower pot and fill it with the soil planting flower ~

4. When watering, you can water it from it, or water it from the side ~ and the tube is standing up, which can save a lot of space on the balcony! Production method 2: 1. Preparation tools: PVC pipe, PVC pipe joint, wire.

2. Cut the PVC tube in half and cut the joints into half. Remember to cut it vertically.

3. Clock the side and fill it with the soil. The rest are the same steps.

4. Wrap it with iron wire around the ends of the PVC tube and hang them directly, so as to avoid punching on the PVC tube.

PS: You can do this not only PVC tube. Other materials, as long as you can move, you can use it. For example, the iron tube in the figure below.

Plastic barrel

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Is there some big buckets at home? It is a pity that it is a pity to throw a mineral water bottle, but it ’s a pity if you do n’t throw it at home. In fact, you can make it into a flower cultivation artifact. It is a way to make a method of making friendship ~ Production method: 1. Preparation tools: large barrels, sawing, lighter 2. Find aimed at the orientation, and use a saw. Because there is no large barrel, the flowers can only be replaced by PVC tube. In fact, the principle is the same.

3. Then bake it with fire in the saw, and then press it with a harder thing. If the material of the large barrel is soft, you can press it without baking without fire.

3. After getting the holes, you can fill the soil inside, and then you can plant flowers!

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