The style characteristics of flower arrangement

The style of the style of flower arrangement in the east method 1: The “true” of nature

The traditional Oriental nation usually uses the flowers and trees that grows in nature as the object of performance. It pays attention to “things with the original”, that is, to conform to the landscapes to be expressed with the rules of growth, there is no obvious artificial trace. In this way, the flowers are required for the flower arrangement, which requires them to understand the growth habits of plants in depth, and integrate personal emotions and aesthetics, so that the flower arrangement has both vitality and aesthetics.

The style of the east method of flower arrangement two: “good” of humanities

The Chinese nation is deeply influenced by Confucianism, and “good” is the purpose of Confucian aesthetic thought. Therefore, under the influence of this idea, people also give the flower a symbolic meaning, such as the “three friends of the year” plum, bamboo, and pine.

The style characteristics of the flower arrangement of the east method three: the “beauty” of art

The artistic beauty of flower arrangement includes the beauty of layout, beauty, beauty, layout, and connotation beauty. It is necessary to organically combine natural beauty and humanistic beauty to make the flower arrangement work with both shapes and spirit.

The style of flower arrangement of the east method four: “Holy” Jiezun

The traditional Oriental nation believes that flowers are sacred. To treat it with respect, you can use Hua Wu Tao and self -cultivation, so that flower arrangement also has a sense of sacredness. He pays attention to “the heart of the heart is positive”, so that the “flowers are positive” and achieve the real realization. Artistic realm.

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