The succulent Chiwa Lotus and Corolla are stupid?Easily distinguish between four o’clock!

Different appearance

Although it is a bit similar, if you look closely, you will find that they are different. Do you find that the leaves of Chiba lotus are oval or shovel, and the leaves of the second plant are ovate or ovate; and the first corolla is cylindrical, while the latter’s corolla is a bit like a puppet; In addition, the length of the first stem is generally less than five centimeters, and the second stem is less than eight centimeters. Of course, these differences are relatively subtle and it is not easy to see.

Secondly, it is also necessary to mention that the top of Chiba Lotus has a hard and short tip at the top of the blade, while Corolla does not have this feature.

And there is one that is easier to see is the tip of the Chihuahua (the aliases of Chiwa Lotus) the tip of the leaves, and the red on the edge of the leaves is relatively light. Corolla is different from this. The redness of the edges of its leaves is very strong.

Of course, there is another point in the middle of Corolla’s leaves, and it is still protruding.

Different degrees of popularity

Although their appearance is a bit similar, the popularity is different. It can be said that due to various reasons, Chicolin’s popularity is higher than Corolla. Of course they are very cute, but they are rare.

Different place of origin

They were not planted in China at first, and they were introduced to our country. Although they are native to Mexico, they belong to different continents. Specifically, the first plant belongs to Chirawa, and the second is Halisco.

Different reproduction methods

The main breeding method of the first meat is leaf insertion, and the second plant may adopt more ways to collect seeds before breeding.

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