The top ten hedges plants

Purple Leaf Xiaoyu

There are a lot of purple leaves, and the purple -red leaves are born with each other, with diamond -like or ovate, and the umbrella -shaped inflorescence, yellow and white flowers. The berry is oblong and becomes red when mature. Like a warm and humid growth environment. Relatively cold, but to avoid overwhelming and pruning. The breeding method can be sown and cuttings. Suitable for garden large color block layout.

Golden Leaf Virgin

There are many princes in the golden leaves, and the leaves of the raw leaves are oval. When the sun is sufficient, the leaves are golden yellow. In the condition of semi -overcast, it is yellow -green. Open small white flowers.

Leafy virgin

The leafy virginity branches are scattered, the leaves are oval or round, and the flowers are aromatic. The fruit is purple and black. Relatively cold tolerance and pruning can sow and cuttings, which has a strong effect on the green environment.


Plague fruits and seeds are similar to ovate. Xiyang has a certain amount of yin resistance, relatively cold -resistant, and the selectivity of the soil is wide. Putting.

Bai cypress (also known as cypress)

The color of cypress bark is very characteristic, spherical fruit, blooming in late April, and the fruit is mature from October to November of the next year. Like the sun, there is strong negative resistance. And cold -resistant and heat -resistant. Sowing and cuttings are available.


Rose blooming has an ornamental value, mostly purple -red or white, aromatic, the flowering period is from April to July. Strong adaptability, drought resistance, cold tolerance, not waterlogging. Like a sunny environment, grow rapidly, and is very easy to manage.

Big Leaf Yogurt

Big leaves and poplars are dense and dense, and can be trimmed and plastic. The leaves are thick green, the shape is oval, the flowers are green and white, the red fruit is made of red fruit, and it is mature from September to October. General soil can be grown. Generally, cuttings are reproduced or sowed. Hi Guang, Yin resistance, slow growth, and cold resistance.


Forsythia blooms from March to May. There will be an elegant aroma when blooming. The golden branches are very beautiful. It is suitable for planting on the roadside. Because of its developed roots, it can be planted as a flower or embankment tree.


The lobular yang is four single -leaf -yang, dense branches and leaves, and the leaves are pronged. They like warm and humid climate and loose and fertile soil. Suitable for trimming, but fear of humidity. The breeding method is sowing or cutting.

Purple ears

The purple ears are deciduous shrubs, the branches are thick, and they grow upward. The leaves are small oval, with a flowering period from May to June. More cold and drought.

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