There are big chrysanthemums in the rose, and there are popcorn in hydrangea.

Rose of Rose · Fireworks Wave

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(Author: Sirius Rose Source: Weibo) Tell the truth, isn’t this really the undercover of chrysanthemums entering the rose? Looking at this flower type, one by one is similar to the chrysanthemum. When it will be opened, it is clear that it is different from other roses. Look at the stripes that are opened!

The firefire waves are generally bright yellow when they are just open, but as time goes out, the edges will slowly stained with orange. Want to know how it becomes orange -red? Look down.

(Author: Sirius Rose Source: Weibo)

Hydrangea · Popcorn

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(Author: Mis Tao Source: Sina Weibo) Look! If it wasn’t for this pink and tender color, can you imagine that this is actually a hydrangea, anyway, Huahua has been attracted by her! Its color also changes a lot. In addition to pink, there are even lighter pinks ~ The edge of the flowers, especially the center, there is a little yellow, it looks really like popcorn!

Hey, how could there be no blue variety in hydrangea, and the popcorn is too ~ Blue looks cooler in summer ~

Then there is the purple variety, the dark purple popcorn, it looks like some mysterious atmosphere ~ If the pink is too fresh, the blue is too cold, there is also this dark red popcorn hydrangea choice ~

Tielian · Bell

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The bells inside the iron wire are relatively unique in the variety of iron Lotus. However, don’t look at the bells smaller, but there are many varieties of others! For example, the variety in the figure above is called red electric bell in China! Although the name is a bit strange, it is still good to spend ~

The variety in the picture above is called cherry lips. Do you think it looks like a beautiful cherry mouth?

Succulent · rose

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(Author: gray linen source: succulent plant app)

is it nice? In addition to green roses, there are pink ones ~ This hold of roses appear, Huahua thinks that this is already an alternative romance ~

(Author: gray linen source: succulent plant app) A large “rose” such as a large fleshy plant is simply difficult to resist!

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