There are so many magical effects of watermelon peel to help you buy a lot of medicine


1. Leave a part of the red soil on the watermelon skin, and then remove the outer green skin. 2. Cut into 1cm white small white. 3. Put the watermelon peeling hot water again. 4. Put the watermelon peel into the bowl and add a little vinegar, fine sugar, salt, garlic (if you don’t like it, you can not put it).

5. Finally pour in sesame oil, stir well and eat it! Huahua pro -test, it’s delicious!

Anti -heat stroke

1. Cut off the green skin outside the watermelon. 2. Cut the white part into pieces. 3. Put the white watermelon skin into the pot, then pour the water and rock sugar to cook.

4. Drink it directly after cooling.

Reducing sunburn

1. Remove the green hard skin of the watermelon skin, and the red melon must be removed, leaving only the white part in the middle.

2. Cut the white part into a thin piece and apply the sunburned parts.


1. Remove the green part of the watermelon skin and cut it into small pieces. 2. Snack it slowly with low heat in the stew pot. 3. The effect of adding rock sugar and honey will be better ~

4. Just eat it directly after cooling ~

Relieve oral ulcer

1. Cut the green part of the watermelon skin, clean it, and then dry it.

2. Perrace into powder and apply it at the wound.

Treat constipation

1. Remove the outermost green skin of the watermelon skin. 2. After cutting into small pieces, put it in a juicer and make watermelon juice.

3. Just drink it directly!

Anti -itching

1. Cut the watermelon peel down. 2. Clean the red cricket and expose the white part.

3. Use the white part to apply it gently in the place where the mules are born, which can relieve itching. If you use it frequently, the sister -in -law will disappear ~

Treatment of dry throat

1. Remove the green skin outside the watermelon skin, and then cut it and cut the strips.

2. Add watermelon peel and boil 2 bowls of water into 1 bowl of water.


1. Wash the watermelon skin and remove the green skin. 2. Mix the remaining white parts into part of the white sugar and cook in the pot.

3. After cooking, eat the melon skin part together, which can reduce the cough!

If you have any wonderful use of watermelon skin, you can leave a message to tell Huahua ~

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