There are these flowers at home, recruiting Funa, healthy and longevity

1 palace lantern longevity

Gong lantern longevity is also a kind of longevity family ~ but unlike other longevity flowers, it blooms like a small lantern, a small bell. There is a long life of a pack of packets at home, and I wish the elderly at home for a long life ~

1. Watering: Usually keep the soil dry. Spring, autumn, and winter can be watered 1 or 2 times a week. Watering should be watered less in summer, and it is poured every 7-10 days. 2. Light: Put on the south balcony, south window sill, etc. to be maintained. 3. Fertilization: The growth period can be used for thin nitrogen or compound fertilizer once in half a month, and potassium dihydrogen phosphate should be performed in January before the flowering period.

2 inverted Golden Bell

In fact, there is a more grounded name, lantern flowers! And the common lantern flowers are red, and it can also mean red fire at home!

1. Temperature: The golden bell is 10 ~ 28 ° C. In the summer, pay attention not to exceed 30 degrees ~ 2. Light: Like the semi -yin environment, but the winter and spring can be placed on the south balcony, and the shade needs to be shaded in summer and autumn. 3. Watering: Watering should be dried and wet, and it must be poured at a time, but it is better to dry it in summer. Wait for the soil with 2 ~ 3cm to dry. Plum, it is best to rotate every week every week to avoid long bias.

3 blue bell blossom

The blue bell flower looks like a small wind chime, especially when it is blossoming. It can also produce a cool feeling in the hot summer.

1. Soil: Blue Bell Flower likes slightly acidic soil, so when the northern flower buddies are watered, you can mix a drop of vinegar or sulfate. 2. Light: Blue Bell Flower likes mottled sunlight. Under the tree, but this kind of environment is not easy to find, the Nanda platform in the home can also be maintained ~ 3. Disinfection: Blue Bell Flower is a ball root plant. After receiving the ball, you should soak it with a bacterial spirit 1000 times liquid for 30 minutes to disinfect. 4. Watering: Just see dry and wet. After 2 ~ 3 cm of the soil surface, water it! 5. Fertilizer: A liquid fertilizer can be applied about 10 days before flowering, and potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be used.

Golden bell

Golden bell flowers are actually called pattern hanging bell flowers, but because its color is relatively auspicious orange, everyone calls it golden bell flower ~ After all, the golden bell flower sounds more wealthy, is it?

1. Lighting: It is used to the environment with sufficient light, and usually needs to be placed on a balcony or window facing south. 2. Watering: Wet wet, usually water can be seen in dry and wet, and can also keep the surface soil slightly moist, but you cannot accumulate water, and the water must be rotten. 3. Pruning: In the spring, the branches should be cut half shorter to promote more branches. 4. Soil: If you like sandy soil, you can use the ratio of peat+river sand ~

5 Tie Lotus-Purple Bell

Don’t think that the iron line lotus is only blooming. There is also a kind of iron line lotus flowers that look like a small bell, especially cute ~

1. The soil must be loose and breathable. It is recommended to mix the peat of peats with thick particles into part of the perlite, about 6: 1. 2. Watering: It must be dried and wet, otherwise it is easy to cause stagnant water ~ 3. Flower pots: It is best to choose a flower pot with strong breathability, red pottery pots or purple sand pots, and plastic gallons with more holes. 4. Pruning: Timely cut off the residual flowers after the flowers fall to avoid excessive nutrients.

6 Baolian Lantern

Bao Lian Lantern, in fact Huahua thought it was a TV series when he saw it!

1. Temperature: Baolian Lantern, cannot be lower than 16 ° C in winter, and the temperature cannot be above 30 ° C in summer, avoid exposure. 2. Light: I like the semi -yin environment. The indoor farming is best placed on the south and the window sills ~ 3. Watering: Usually watering the principle of seeing dry and wet, and often sprinkle water around it on the ground. , Increase air humidity and keep ventilation ~

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