These 10 kinds of bamboo are the most prosperous.

Bamboo and cypress

Moral: wealth, success, long youth

Wenzhu is a “elegant bamboo”. Since ancient times, it has been favored by literati and writers. A pot of desks and coffee tables in the family is not only conducive to promotion and learning progress, but also symbolizes the host’s enthusiastic hospitality and the popularity of friends.

How to raise Zhuzhu?

1. Do not do it without drying, pour 1-2 times in the summer of spring and autumn, and pour once every 2 weeks in winter.

2. The bamboo is resistant to trimming, cut off the dead branches and long branches, which is conducive to the germination of the side buds, which is more lush.

3. Do not expose the sun, afraid of smoke and dust, do not put it in the kitchen, air conditioner, and television outlet.

Martial arts

Moral: flowing, prosperous, booming

Wuzhu is also called Tianmen Dong. The leaves are thick and slender, and they are green. There is a pot at home and hanging in the window sill or living room. It not only fresh and elegant, purify the air, but also symbolizes the good wishes of career fortune.

How to raise Wuzhu?

1. Watering 1-2 times in the spring and autumn, pouring once every 2-3 weeks in winter, and pouring once every 2-3 days in summer.

2. Ji Guangzhao avoid exposure, put the southern balcony or living room, do not hide it for a long time.

3. Tianmen winter can be divided into or seeds to breed with seeds. Generally, it can be broadcast in spring.

Rich bamboo

Moral: Flower blooming rich and rich, bamboo report is safe

Fugui bamboo is the evergreen flowers of the four seasons, and it is convenient to take care of it. Putting a pot at home can not only bring good luck, recruit wealth, and peaceful, but also imply that academics are rising step by step, and their careers are booming!

How to raise rich bamboo?

1. The wealthy bamboo water I just bought was placed in Aspirin, taking root quickly.

2. Do not exceed the water level in the hydroponic bottle more than 1/2 of the bottle body, and the water odor should be cleaned up.

3. Drop 1-2 drops of nutrient solution in the bottle per month, or spray the surface of the water.

Guanyin bamboo

Moral: Wealth and prosperity, auspiciousness, blessing safety

Guanyin bamboo is also called lotus bamboo and lotus bamboo. The leaves are dense. It is like a blooming lotus. It is much more beautiful than rich bamboo. It is placed at home.

How to raise Guanyinzhu?

1. Hydroponic Guanyin bamboo winter temperature should not be lower than 10 degrees, otherwise it is not long or frostbite.

2. Hydroponic and rich bamboo in summer 3-5 days, change the water every 3-5 days, and change every 2-3 weeks in winter.

3. Tupei Guanyin Bamboo Spring, Summer and Autumn keeps the pot soil moist, keeps dry in winter and water less.

Lily bamboo

Moral: rich and auspicious

Lily bamboo leaves are green, with golden yellow stripes in the middle, chic and elegant, elegant and rich, and are loved by people. A pot of a pot can not only bring wealth, but also alleviate bad Feng Shui. And lily bamboo can absorb second -hand smoke, purify the indoor air!

How to raise lily bamboo?

1. The surface of the pot soil is 2 cm dry, and the water is poured through the water, and a few drops of nutrients are added to the water.

2. Joose the sun, put it on the indoor south window sill and east to west balcony.

3. Most of the soil mixed with rivers and sand or corn, hydrophilic, and multi -leaf surface spraying water.

Brown bamboo

Moral: rising steadily

Brown bamboo, beautiful leaves and rough plant shapes, with both the chicness of bamboo and a tropical charm. Moreover, it is a rare protective house to drive evil plants. Putting a tree in front of the door can drive away evil spirits and let the family be healthy and work smoothly.

How to raise brown bamboo?

1. Watering to see dry and wet, once every 10 days in spring and autumn, 1-2 times in winter, 1 week in summer.

2. Yin tolerance and avoid exposure, even if it is placed in a darker room, it can grow normally.

3. Apply a ripe liquid fertilizer once a month, bean cake water or rice water, and pour polyzole control height.

Water bamboo

Moral: elevation, toughness and courage

The water bamboo is beautiful and handsome, straight and elegant, and a pot of the study of the study adds a pot of green, and the water bamboo is a water -based plant, and the water can make money. Therefore, water and bamboo also have the meaning of wealth.

How to raise water and bamboo?

1. Pleasant water, directly use a flower pot that does not leak water to ensure that the basin surface has 5 cm water level.

2. Both yin and yang, spring and autumn and winter are placed in the southern balcony, and the half -yin is placed in summer.

3. Spring and summer season, you can add a few compound fertilizers to the water, grow faster and more lush.

Bamboo and cypress

Moral: wealth, complete, evergreen

Bamboo and cypress, also known as Luohan Chai, bamboo leaves and cypresses, because of its leaves like bamboo, the tree is named after the trunk. It is green and green all year round, and it is a very good feng shui flower, and it can make seedlings, which means “hair”.

How to raise bamboo and cypress?

1. Yin resistance and wetness, touch the soil and then pour, usually spray more water and moisturize.

2. Conservation with loose and breathable soil, not cold -resistant, indoor maintenance in winter.

3. Bamboo and cypress potted plants are planted with seeds, and we can grow seeds.

Buddhist belly bamboo

Moral: auspicious and wishful, the financial source is rolling

The Buddha belly bamboo is also called Luohan bamboo. The difference between other bamboo is that its bamboo is short and expands, like the stacked Luohan, and the belly of Maitreya Buddha. The bonsai is very eye -catching at home.

How to raise Buddha belly bamboo?

1. Pleasant water, keep the pot soil moist, avoid water accumulation, spray water in multi -leaf surface, and enter the room in winter.

2. Light light, placed on a bright balcony or living room, shaded properly in summer.

3. Growth quickly, cut off the dense and slender Hsinchu and side branches in time to ensure the shape.

Turtle Bamboo

Moral: longevity, health

Turtle Bamboo is also called Long -scale bamboo. Its section is particularly like the shell of the turtle. The turtle represents longevity, so the turtle bamboo is a symbol of longevity and health.

However, Turtle Bamboo is a rare ornamental bamboo species in China. It is a treasure in bamboo, and it is more difficult to reproduce, so it is particularly precious.

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