These 10 kinds of flowers are not afraid of sunbathing, the growing the flowers, the stronger the flowers!

1. Blue Snowflake

The blue snowflakes are green, elegant, and small blue flowers. In the hot summer, there can be a rare touch of coolness. There are blue snowflakes at home.

Blue snowflakes like light. Only when there is sufficient light can flowers become more flowers.

Maintenance method: Watering should be poured through, do not be too wet on the surface of the soil, you can dry out.

2. Sunflower

The sun flowers cannot die, the bigger the sun opened, and the very strong flower party. You can open the pot without any maintenance. If the light is insufficient, the stems and leaves are easy to grow.

Maintenance method: Sunflower likes the environment where light is sufficient and dry. Watering should not be too much.

3. Jasmine

Many flower friends say that the jasmine at home is not fragrant. In fact, the big reason is that the light is too weak.

Maintenance points: In addition to ensuring sufficient light, jasmine also needs more water and fertilizers. When hot summer, water can be poured once a day. When blooming Essence

4. Bowl lotus

The flowers of the bowl lotus are too beautiful, the flowers are large, the fragrant is far away, and the ling Bo Cui Gai is so beautiful and beautiful. Why do many flower buddies can’t raise a bowl of lotus? In fact, you just blame you to be too weak! The growth of bowl lotus must have sufficient light!

Maintenance points: In addition to sufficient light, a good ventilation environment is also essential, otherwise it is stuffed in the house, and the water in the water tank is estimated to smell bad.

5. Dwarf Model

Huahua consulted a lot of flower friends who raised dwarf cows. One of the magic weapons they all said was that the sun was big, and they could be exposed to the sun.

The main points of maintenance: Of course, if you want to be a cow glory, it is not enough to bask in the sun. Do n’t forget to water it while basking in the sun. The model burst!

6. Rose

The rose has always been the popular lover of flower friends, why look good! This is enough! Of course, the rose is also very picky. There is no light environment, but it does not like it.

Key points for maintenance: Ensure sufficient light, watering and wetting, do not dry or water, and pour it through.

7. Luo Luo

Luo Luo is a year -old climbing plant. If the light is good, you can quickly climb the wall. If the light is not good, the amount is not good, then sorry, it may not even be blooming.

The main points of maintenance: Luoluo likes a warm and humid environment, has many requirements for light, and cannot lack water. Once drought and withered, they will die if they are not good.

8. Million Xiaoling

Millions of Xiaoling is now on the market. Various colors are scrambling to fight against each other, which is very easy to open the pot.

The main points of maintenance: Millions of Xiaoling do not like big fertilizer, so do not apply too much fat. Use the fermented rice water to pour. When the temperature is high in summer, it should be replenished in time. If you encounter severe dehydration, while everyone is watering, it is best to spray more water on the leaves.

9. Gardenia

Although gardenia flowers are deeply loved by everyone, Huahua finds that there are not many flower friends who can raise gardenia flowers. The main reason here is that the first is improper watering, and the second is that the light is too weak.

The main points of maintenance: In fact, the vulva resistance of gardenia flowers is average. Except for winter, it is best to place outdoor maintenance in other seasons, strengthen ventilation, and keep up with water and fertilizer. Only in this way can the fragrant flowers be raised.

10. Milan

Huahua used to raise a pot of Milan in the house, but it died every two months. After asking the old flower farmer, I knew that Milan was not well raised in the room. Dain the sun.

The main points of maintenance: sufficient light and sufficient fertilizer. You can apply the rotten kitchen waste for Milan every month, the fermented rice water, or the organic fertilizer purchased, which can make Milan bloom more and fragrant!

Flowers, what flowers do you know?

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