These 10 kinds of flowers are often raised at home, and the body is getting better and better!

Felterdehyde -back bamboo

Although there is no green dill hanging orchids in the back of the turtle, its leaves are much larger than other flowers. It is said that it is the strongest flower absorbing formaldehyde, and in addition to suction formaldehyde, it can also absorb benzene and other harmful gases!

Placement location: living room

Maintenance method:

Wet wet, keep the pot soil slightly moist, do not crack, and spray water to humidify more to the leaves; if you are afraid of waterlogging, add more sand when you match the soil to avoid accumulating water; yin to resistance, like scattered light, avoid direct sunlight.

Nicotin -duck feet wood

Duck -footed wood is also called goose palm firewood. 1 pot can absorb most of the indoor nicotine and harmful substances. At the same time, it can absorb 9 mg of formaldehyde per hour. It is necessary to have smokers and families living in the city. Intersection

Place position: study room, living room

Maintenance method:

Drought resistance, the soil surface is about 3 cm dry and then watered; happy light, grow well in sufficient light or sufficient astigmatism environment to avoid excessive shade; afraid of waterlogging, add more coarse sand when it is equipped with soil.

Absorb pm2.5 -gardenia blossom

Gardenia is a harmful substance in the unit area, especially PM2.5. Gardenia is the top flower, and its fresh flower fragrance and white petals are also very attractive.

Placement position: balcony, window sill

Maintenance method:

Pleasant acid, gardenia-like acidic soil, pour water sulfate 1-2 times per month; like wetness, soil is breathable, water can be watered every day in summer;

Adstate dust -rubber tree

The blade of the rubber tree is wide, and the surface of the blades has fine fluff, which has a very powerful adsorption dust effect. It can purify the dirty air of the room and reduce the occurrence of respiratory diseases of family members.

Placement location: bedroom, living room

Maintenance method:

Drought tolerance, touch the surface of the pot soil, then water it, and water it; trim it, take the top, remove the top advantage, and promote the germination of the side branches; the skin can grow. Sunlight.

Absorbing oil fume -drug grass

Frying and frying in the kitchen is the place with the most harmful gases in the family, and the drug -based gases are used to organize gas, such as: mixture such as benzene, gyrolythe, dyshane and other mixtures and carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and smoke, and odor absorption effects. In the environment, it can also grow well.

Placement: kitchen

Maintenance method:

Xishui, watering the leaves is a little bit stunned; the light is light, placed in a place with good light in the kitchen; trimming, it grows very fast. Basically 1-2 times a month, cutting branches can be cut.

Remove mosquito -mosquito repellent grass

There are many mosquitoes in summer, which is particularly annoying. Adults and children are bitten all over their bodies. They are particularly ugly, and mosquitoes are easy to carry germs. They are bitten and infected with other diseases. It is necessary to raise a pot at home!

Placement location: bedroom

Maintenance method:

Drought resistance, keep the pot soil dry or slightly humid, do not accumulate water; like light, put it on the south window sill of the bedroom with sufficient light; it is easy to reproduce, cut the branches, dry it, insert it into the soil, and water it.

Cool cooling and summer -mint

If you do n’t plant a pot of mint in summer, it will be a big loss, because using it to make tea and make cold dishes, it will not only quench thirst and eliminate heat, but also promote digestion and improve the phenomenon of adults and children in the family in summer.

Placement position: South Window Power, East and West Balcony

Maintenance method:

Xiyang, the better the light is, the more prosperous; if the wet is wet, the pot soil is loose, and it will be poured 1-2 days in the summer; the hard-to-cut branches, the more the side buds, the faster, the faster.

Beauty and beauty -aloe vera

Aloe vera is recognized as beauty flowers. It can not only whiten, moisturize, and oil control, but also has the effects of healing wounds, increasing immunity, sterilization, anti -inflammatory, lipid -lowering and lowering blood pressure.

Place position: living room, bedroom

Maintenance method:

Drought tolerance and accumulation of water, do not dry or water, soil ratio rotten soil: garden soil: river sand = 2: 2: 1; happy light, full light photos;

Longevity health -sweet potato potted plants

Sweet potato leaves have the title of Vegetable Empress, rich in mucin, which can improve resistance, delay aging, lower blood sugar and many other health care effects. In fact, sweet potato leaves can be planted by their own home. It is very convenient to eat and eat! Placement position: balcony

Maintenance method:

Pick a sweet potato and place it in a shallow plate with a little water at the bottom; after the root grows, the half of the long root is planted into the soil, and the other half is leaked out; Ye was long and stir -fry.

Fresh air -lemon potted

It is hot, everyone is basically inseparable from the air conditioner, and the air -conditioned room does not open the window for a long time, and the air is very dirty. At this time, you may wish to plant a pot of lemon at home. Its leaves are very fresh and smelling. After the lemon is used for soaking in water, it can also supplement vitamin C to prevent colds and beauty and beauty.

Placement position: balcony

Maintenance method:

Xiguang, placed on the sun or east -west balcony; watered the dry and wet, keep the soil slightly moist, and cannot accumulate water. After flowering, pollination should be granted. Pay attention to trimming dense branches and flowers to avoid excessive consumption.

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