These 15 kinds of flowers are cool and good -looking.

1 bowl of lotus

First of all, it is naturally a bowl of lotus that is loved by everyone in summer. Because the space needs to be grown at home is too large, and the small bowl of lotus is a must -choose one in the home.

(Author: Cordyfield headset Source: Bowl Lotus)

The bowl of lotus is glory and is not resistant to the darkness. It should be maintained under the big sun. If the leaves are yellow, you need to apply nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium compound fertilizer, and apply fat.

2 mosquito repellent

What I want to introduce next is the mosquito repellent grass that every family needs. Summer mosquitoes are always annoying. At this time, you need a pot of mosquito repellent to solve big trouble.

(Author: YLANMINGZJ Source: Mosquito repellent grass)

Spring and autumn is a period of strong growth of mosquito repellent grass. You can use water -soluble compound fertilizer once every 15 days of fertilizer, or you can apply a small amount of cake fertilizer and rice water; in summer, high temperature weather needs to be watered less. Disease.

3 mint

Before, Huahua has strongly recommended mint with everyone. Mint can not only make tea, but also cook, but also refreshing. It is a must -have flower in summer.

Mint likes the sun, the stronger the sun, the stronger the aroma; not afraid of drought and flooding, it is okay to water every day on the balcony; about every 20-30 days, fertilizer can be applied. Fertilizers can choose rotten bone residue, Chinese medicine residue, etc.

4 Beauty Sakura

Beauty cherry blossoms are rich in color and colorful. When blooming, it presents an umbrella shape. It is not suitable for placing on the balcony or window sill.

(Author: Grandpa here 12138 Source: Beauty Sakura)

Beauty cherry blossoms are easy to grow in a semi-yin environment; high temperature in summer, pay attention to watering, pour water once every 7-10 days; you can apply bean cake fertilizer water 3-4 times, and top to promote branches.

5 茑 茑 茑

The flowers of Luo Luo are like a pentagon, so it is also called five -star flowers, which can grow along the support.

(Author: Ren Hao and Zhou Ying Source: 茑 (()

Spring and autumn can pour water once every 3-5 days. The temperature in summer is high, and water can be poured once every 2-3 days. The fertilizer is mainly based on nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium compound fertilizer or granular fertilizer, and about 20-30 days.

6 meters

Milan blooms yellow flowers. When flowering, the fragrance is elegant, the taste is like orchids, and the branches and leaves are thick and the leaves are oily, which is very suitable for summer at home.

Milan applies fertilizer once a month, and the fertilizers are mainly compound fertilizer and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Watering water once every 3-5 days in spring and winter, the temperature in summer is high, about 2-3 days once every 2-3 days; The leaves are sprayed with water, and it is better to drip with water droplets to keep the air humidity.

7 melon chrysanthemum

The color of melon chrysanthemum is bright and easy to explode, and it is very beautiful to grow on the balcony.

The gourd chrysanthemum is happy and has a strong light, and needs to be rotated once a week; the growth period of about 10 days is applied to the rotten thin liquid fertilizer; after the flower buds are colorful, the 0.2 % potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution is sprayed once a week. , Promote flower bud differentiation.

8 Medal chrysanthemum

Medal chrysanthemum is also known as the African sun flower. It has a variety of colors and bright colors. Putting a pot at home can become better.

The medal chrysanthemum likes the sun, the stronger the light, the more bright the flowering; it is more sensitive to the water, and water cannot be accumulated in the pot.

9 one sailing smooth

Bai Palm is also called a smooth sailing, because it has given it a beautiful meaning, so many people like to raise a pot at home.

A smooth sailing and durable semi -yin, it is best to put it in a bright living room and other places for maintenance; the requirements for water are very high. In summer, water is often sprayed towards the leaves; hydroponics can be performed.

100 million Xiaoling

Millions of small bells are a kind of small flower dwarf, and it is the first choice for many flower friends to choose popcorn.

Millions of small bells are happy, the more the sun is, the more blooming it; the soil can be used as the earthworm soil: soil (3: 1) as the base fertilizer; watering should wait until the pot soil is white and then poured.

11 alum root

If you don’t like blooming plants, you can choose alum root. The color of the alum root is colorful. As long as it is well -maintained, it is even more than ten times better than the flowers!

(Author: SDIVPP Source: Alum root bar)

For alum roots, ventilation is the most important; when the temperature is high in summer, it takes 2 times a week, and pour it once a week in spring and autumn. Watering and splashing on the leaves should be dried in time, otherwise it is easy to burn the leaves.

12 turtle back bamboo

The plants of the turtle bamboo are rough and beautiful, giving a sense of elegance and cleanliness, attracting the attention of many flower buds. Putting the temperature at home in the hot summer, it can also reduce the temperature.

(Author: lkjiop3 Source: Turtle Bamboo Bamboo)

Turtle bamboo can not be exposed to direct sunlight, and can be placed in a bright living room; in summer, the temperature is high, and water is needed once every 1-2 days, and water is sprayed towards the air around the leaves and pots. Fertilizers can be diluted with diluted cake fertilizer or pheasant animal feces.

13 copper coin grass

Seeing the round big leaves of copper coins, it makes people feel cool for a while, not to mention that copper coins are very easy to explode. If you are not careful, you have to flood the disaster at home!

As long as the copper coins are brushed and moisture, it is easy to explode. Coppercurd grass can usually be placed on a balcony with sufficient light. Watering high temperature in summer can also be hydroponic.

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