These 7 kinds of flowers can hardly be kept. Green Luo only ranked second. The first place turned out to be …


Recommended reason:

Drought resistance+sun -resistant

Main points of maintenance:

1. Watering should be less. Water in about 1 week, watering for about 1 or 2 times in winter, it is better to water less watering, because it is easy to accumulate water.

2. Xiguang, usually expose the sun, it is best to put it on the South balcony, and at the same time to strengthen ventilation.

3. The requirements for soil are not high. Ordinary garden soil can be used. You can also add some granular soil such as river sand and vermiculite during breeding.


Recommended reason:

Waterlogging+yin resistance

Main points of maintenance:

1. Water water for about 3 to 4 days, pay attention, you can’t accumulate water ~

2. I like scattered light, which is more suitable for placing in the living room or the South Balconia across the glass.

3. Green Luo is suitable for loose and fertile nutritional soil. It can be used by rotten leaf soil and peat soil, but it is necessary to mix a part of the perlite or vermiculite to avoid stagnant water.

Air pineapple

Recommended reason:

No soil+no watering

Main points of maintenance:

1. Put it in scattering light to maintain it. Do not expose it, it will be dried.

2. Strengthen ventilation, no matter what season, this cannot be ignored, otherwise it is easy to be stuffed.

3. Spray the air pineapple once a day, or just look at the leaves when it turns out, and spray it quickly.

Rich bamboo

Recommended reason:

Yin resistance+hydroponic

Main points of maintenance:

1. Usually placed in a cool and ventilated place, such as the living room in the room.

2. Before wealthy bamboo is rooted, change the water every one day. After taking root, change the water once a week. Usually pay attention to adding water.

Take root

Recommended reason:

You can live with it with one hand

Main points of maintenance:

1. Hi Guang, usually placed in a place with good light.

2. Watering should be dried and wet, water it once every 1 week ~

3. The requirements for soil are not very high, and garden soil can meet its growth needs.


Recommended reason:

Yin resistance+drought resistance

Main points of maintenance:

1. I like scattered light, and can usually be placed in the living room or north balcony.

2. Watering is about once once a week, and wait until winter, about 1 month.

3. If it wants it to grow stronger, you can pour the rotten rice water once a week.

Unable to die

Recommended reason:

Very easy to feed.

Main points of maintenance:

1. Xiguang, usually take more sun, usually keep it on the South balcony.

2. If the outdoor breeding can be directly careless, but the indoor breeding is watering for about 7 days.

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